Kamala Harris Doesn’t Know How To Demonstrate Electric Car Charger


    Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris recently promoted spending on charging stations to electric vehicles and demonstrated how to use a car charger.

    To promote electric cars, the vice president visited Prince George’s County, Maryland, outside of Washington, DC. She asked to plug in an electric car during her visit. After plugging it in she noted the differences between an electric charger and a gasoline pump.

    Standing by the car, she stated that there was no fume or sound and was holding on to the plug. We are all used to filling up our tanks. You can usually smell it and hear it. All of this is absurd. She laughed and said, “So how do you know it’s actually functioning?”

    Harris was assured by the worker who briefed her that the charger worked if it was plugged into. She asked, “But how do I know that?” “Tell me how you would know that,” she replied. He pointed out that the charger would blink red until it was fully charged.

    Harris talked about charging station equity. This is ensuring that charging stations are available to rural and apartment-building complexes. “If it can’t be charged up, it doesn’t matter what you can drive it.” Right? She said, “You can’t get there.”

    Harris advocated the use of the same plug for all-electric chargers to charge at different stations. This is what we are seeing when we look at our smartphones, right? She said, “Look at all the different plugs that you might need to use different devices.”

    A speech was also given by the vice president on the administration’s efforts to offer a $12,500 tax credit to Americans who buy union-made electric cars. She stated, “Here’s what the bottom line is – we want more Americans to be able to afford an electric vehicle that was manufactured in America.”