Kamala Harris’ Presidential Hopes Dim After Cringe-Worthy Pandering at BET Awards


Following Joe Biden’s shambles of a debate on Thursday night, the talk turned to who should replace him at the top of the presidential ballot since it is abundantly clear that Biden is not up to the task. Names like California Gov. Gavin Newsom is the Michigan governor. Gretchen Whitmer and, even more laughably, Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker. Do you know whose name is at the top of a very small list? Vice President Kamala Harris.

It is easy to see why: She has little to show for her term as VP, and all of her public appearances have shrill giggles, word salads, and other snide remarks that would make Newsom blush.

She did herself no favors when she recorded a commercial for the Black Entertainment Television Awards on Sunday night. In it, she pandered and offered little in terms of a national perspective other than abortion.

See for yourself

This bit shows her on the phone talking to Taraji P. Henson who is concerned that all of our freedoms could be taken from us if Biden does not win. They try to prove how hip they are with a reference to rap music:

“Madam VP Harris I’m concerned about the election. Our basic freedoms, including women’s reproductive rights, are at stake. Henson: “I know that you have been traveling across the country, Madam Vice President. What are you hearing?

“Yes, girl, I am out on these streets.” Taraji, I’m telling you that you are right. At this moment, so much is at stake. We all believe in equality and freedom. These extremists are not like us, they say,” Harris said. He was referring to Kendrick’s song “Not Like Us” by rapper Kendrick.

Lamar’s recent “diss song” “Not Like Us”, accuses Drake, a Los Angeles rapper for dating younger women. In recent weeks, “Not Like Us”, a diss track by Lamar, has become a rallying call for the hip-hop scene.

Not quite presidential Kamala’s attempts at being real have backfired spectacularly as she appears anything but.

Harris hasn’t gotten a lot of sympathy from the media after Harris lost in the debate.

You get the picture. It’s hard to watch.

However, the internet is a harsh critic and soon reviews began to pour in. The reviews weren’t very pretty.

Remember: She is only a heartbeat away.

It’s hard to imagine what Team Kamala thought when they approved the video. Kamalaโ€™s lack of authenticity is likely to resonate with few but alienate others. Harris’ political career is already at risk, but her approval rating could plummet even further.

Will MSNBC hire her?