Kamala’s Next Move: Californians Alarmed as VP Plans Future Amid Potential Biden Loss


Californians are already living under Gavin Newsom, one of the worst Governors in the nation. But what if a worse one takes over when Newsom’s tenure ends in 2027?

Politico looked at the race for his successor in 2026 and profiled several names. It wasn’t until they were deep into the article that this detail was revealed:

Two people who were familiar with the remarks of Vice President Kamala Harris said that she joked among friends about returning to California as governor if Democrats lost the White House this fall. She was taking a cue from Richard Nixon.

In response, Harris spokesperson Kirsten All told POLITICO: “That didn’t happen.” In November, the vice president will be preparing for his second term as part of the Biden and Harris administration.

Nooooooo! These are only two paragraphs. Yet, as a resident of the Golden State, I am terrified. Have we not been through enough already?

Rep. Kevin Kiley, R-CA, agrees.

Peter Doocy of Fox News asked Karine Jean-Pierre about it on Thursday, as he is the only White House journalist who presses her. She responded with her usual non-answer and listed off her non-accomplishments.

Doocy, during the Thursday briefing, asked: “Have You Heard… That Vice President Harris has told friends that she might go back to California to run for Governor if her election doesn’t go her way?”

“That’s news to me. I’d say that the vice president was a wonderful partner for this president. He appreciates all she has done. It’s impressive what she was able to accomplish on her tours, whether it be on reproductive rights, gun violence, fighting gun violence in America, or prevention. She also held the first-ever historic White House office. She’s been an incredible partner, and the President appreciates her leadership. That’s all I can say.”


If the report is accurate, it proves one thing: Biden and Co. see the writing on their wall and realize that they could be out of work come January 2025. Kamala’s smartest move as vice president was to prepare for the future.

Kamala may be playing 4-D chess. As John Phillips, radio host on KABC-790 Los Angeles noted, Kamala would have likely known that this “leak”, which was about to happen, was going to occur and could have approved it. It could be a way to scare away her competitors for governor while alerting major donors to not support anyone yet.

Californians are understandably frightened by this news. We’ve watched Gavin Newsom wreak havoc on the state with his focus on divisive issues, the homelessness crisis, the constant crime, the huge budget deficit, and massive taxes.

Harris’s approach would be the same but with less expertise.