Kamala’s Remarks on Space Fail to Launch


It’s been a while since we have had a Kamala Harris word salad.

Kamala Harris did make up a story about her first grape, which was quite fake, as Sister Toldjah explained.

Harris, however, was in fine form Friday when she spoke about the Artemis program. The Artemis program aims to get Americans back on the Moon, with the ultimate goal that they live there. During one of their meetings, she was speaking about it as chair of the National Space Council.

It is interesting to me that she doesn’t sound like anyone else. She keeps doing it, so it doesn’t seem like she is lying. Here is her word salad entry.

Harris stated that “Today, our business is for the council report on the work which has taken place since our last meeting in these areas.” “We will also today discuss the work still ahead, the work that we must do.”

This work has not been going so well. Harris was supposed to launch Artemis at the end of August. Harris flew to Florida to do it. It was canceled. On Sept. 3, a second attempt was made. They are now trying again for September 23rd or September 27. She wanted this job because it was more of a “no harm, no foul” position and would not require her to do much. And she could boast about her accomplishments. However, it hasn’t been a good fit for her.

Although I don’t know what the speechwriter was doing, it doesn’t seem like it has helped her. But LIFE IS EXCITING!

If you are unsure of what to say, simply wave your arms and say “exciting” repeatedly.

If you could go into detail about what they were working on, and you understood the topic, this is an interesting topic. She might be able to communicate something more than “think about it” or “exciting,” but she doesn’t seem to have any deep understanding of the subject matter. Although she sounds like she wants to convey something profound to five-year-olds, she doesn’t seem to get it and is talking to adults.

Dave Rubin made an excellent comparison.

Let’s not forget about those memorable moments with Kamala.

This is the Democrats’ choice. It only shows how little they care about safety and the ability to have someone competent in the job.