Kari Lake Takes on Woke Reporters at Iowa State Fair: ‘Try Milking a Bull’


Kari Lake, former Arizona Governor’s Candidate, attended the Iowa State Fair Friday. She asked journalists from the New York Times “to milk a cow”, in reference to their previous statements on “gender ideology”.

Lake began to milk a cow in front of reporters, when she asked the Times reporter to identify him or herself. “Which one of you is from the New York Times?” Lake asked.

“I am,” a reporter responded.

Lake replied, “You’re aware that there are two genders.”

The reporter replied, “I only take photos.”

Lake continued her argument, saying “They know that in Iowa there are only 2 genders.” “I challenge the New York Times reporters and Washington Post journalists to milk a bull and see what happens. ”

Lake has expressed interest in running for U.S. Senate, despite her unsuccessful bid to become Arizona Governor.

Politics is disgusting. Lake told Breitbart that she was considering running for office again. “I want everyone to know that our case has been appealed.” Lake was referring back to her ongoing fight against irregularities in the 2022 Arizona elections. We will work with the courts.

She replied, “I am thinking of running for Senate.” She said, “I’m thinking about running for Senate.”

According to Breitbart’s report, Lake said that she had been offered a bribe to quit politics by a prominent politician, but refused.

“Initially, I had planned to name the book Unafraid. A high-profile person came to my house and offered me money to stop my political career. They offered me a good job, a decent salary, and a place on the board. I asked, ‘Are You kidding Me? Lake replied, “I quit a good job… I was not motivated by money. This was something I would have seen in a movie. “