Karine Jean-Pierre Flips Out Over Peter Doocy’s Border Crisis Questions


The Southern border is experiencing an unprecedented number of border crossings, as thousands of people walk over bridges and wade through rivers in places such as Eagle Pass, TX. CBP and the state-level enforcement agencies are completely overwhelmed.

The Biden administration has refused to be honest with the American public. When pressed about the issue, Karine Jean Pierre’s responses ranged from dishonesty and anger.

It is absurd to call the situation at the Southern Border “humane, safe, and orderly”. People are being raped, abused, and killed while trying to cross the treacherous border. When they reach the United States they live on the streets.

The White House’s continuing lies are immoral. These are lies that you would expect from sociopaths, who have no care for anyone they harm. Even worse, when other people try to do the work the federal government will not do, the administration attacks those individuals.

This is not a stunt. CBP agents have been sent to cut the razor wire to allow illegal immigrants to pass.

Jean-Pierre exploded when she was asked to call the crisis by its name.

This is like talking to a 3-year-old child about quantum physics. “Yes, this is a crisis and we will address it.” It wouldn’t be difficult to say. Jean-Pierre, however, refused to answer, shouting at Peter Doocy in an angry manner.

The Biden administration may want to see more people suffer if this doesn’t stop at the border.