Karine Jean-Pierre’s Slip-Up Exposes Secret About Joe Biden’s X Account


The world’s best comms director, and press secretary, has struck once again. Karine Jean-Pierre had a disastrous briefing about the Maui fire disaster on Monday and managed to expose Joe Biden’s X account completely on Tuesday.

There is no longer any doubt about who writes the President’s post.

According to those who were able to see the original post it was up for around 20 minutes until Jean-Pierre realized that she had made a mistake and removed it.

Did anyone actually think that Biden wrote his own posts on social media? No, of course not. For some time, it’s been clear that the president simply isn’t in the right mental state to be in charge of something so sensitive. Biden has said some random and inappropriate things in public. Imagine having the entire world at his fingertips all the time. It would not be pretty for both him and his nation.

While it is understood that politicians do not always control their accounts, this secret is usually closely guarded to maintain appearances. After the mask has been removed, it is hard to take any of what a politician says on their account seriously. You can no longer take seriously posts of condolences, or other serious issues because you know that it is just a comms officer making them up behind the scene.

This revelation does not help to dispel the notion that Biden was a puppet within his own administration. His public appearances and his interactions with the media are already very scripted. At this point, it’s fair to wonder what the president has in his hands.

Some people on X made fun of Jean-Pierre’s error.

When will there be a serious discussion about what a terrible comms manager Karine Jean Pierre is? Her foibles in briefings are well documented, but now that she’s unable to keep track of her social media accounts, the president is exposed. She’s not going to lose her job anytime soon, given her many intersectional claims.