Keanu Reeves Literally Took The Red Pill From ‘The Matrix’ Set


Keanu Reeves opened up to fans during Saturday’s Reddit Ask Me Anything and confessed that he took the massive red pill from “The Matrix”.

As he answered questions about his many roles in blockbuster movies, the famous actor was friendly and open to answering them. Reeves was asked what he “stolen”, if any, from the movie sets that he’s worked on. He said that although he doesn’t claim to have stolen anything, he did say that he has been given many prominent props throughout the years.

According to People, Reeves stated that “not stolen” was the watch and wedding band from John Wick, a sword form 47 Ronin and the first red pill the Wachowskis ever gave him.

Reeves owns the original red pill and it is part of his movie memorabilia collection.

Fans didn’t know about the “Matrix”, a very unique memento. The famous scene in which the red pill is shown was shot on the set of 1999’s world-famous movie.

This scene saw Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus, while Reeves was presented to Thomas Anderson (Neo) with a crucial decision to make. Neo could see the truth about his false reality with the red pill, while the blue pill would allow him to go back to his normal life and enjoy blissful ignorance. Online political commentators adopted the term “redpilled” to describe someone who is aware of large-scale social deceptions.