Ken Paxton Criticizes Texas Republicans for Impeachment Attempt


Ken Paxton, Texas Republican Attorney-General, criticized his fellow Republicans for their efforts to impeach him. He insisted that he had the support of his voters.

The Post Millennial reported that the Republican-majority Texas House of Representatives voted to impeach Paxton on Saturday, “on charges of bribery” and “abuse of public trust”. Paxton, a conservative who has been vocal about damaging Democrat policies and has been a conservative voice, has slammed his fellow Republicans, for trying to impeach Paxton. This has led to his suspension from office. Paxton says it is “political revenge” when Republicans are better off focusing on other issues, such as illegal immigration and the Chinese Communist Party.

Paxton tweeted, “I am grateful beyond words to have millions of Texans’ support who understand that what we witnessed was illegal, unethical, and profoundly unfair.” I am looking forward to a swift resolution in the Texas Senate where I am confident that the process will be fair and just.

In the tweet, the embattled AG included a complete statement about his impeachment attempts. Paxton said that the ugly spectacle at the Texas House confirmed the outrageous plot to impeach me against my will was never intended to be fair or justice. It was a political sham right from the start. Paxton, Phelan et. al. claim that my office tried to provide evidence, testimony, and irrefutable factual information to disprove the many false statements and outright liars made by Speaker Dade Phelan. “Disregarded the laws, ignored the facts, and showed contempt for Texas Voters.”

Donald Trump Jr. and other prominent conservatives, as well as anti-establishment voices supported Paxton and condemned the attack by Phelan. Phelan was also accused of “slowing down” conservative issues within the Texas House.

Paxton echoed this in his statement. Paxton accused Phelan of political retribution.

Paxton then went one step further, accusing Phelan, and his fellow “liberal Republicans,” of being “in lockstep” with the Biden Administration and the abortion industry. He also accused them of working “in lockstep” with anti-gun zealots and woke corporations in order to sabotage Paxton’s work as Attorney General. This includes our ongoing litigation that aims to stop illegal immigration and uphold the rule of law and protect constitutional rights for every Texan.

The people of Texas, however, know that I always have their back and they always have mine. It’s not about me. The corrupt establishment is eager to overwhelm the millions of Texas residents who overwhelmingly reelected me.

Paxton expressed his confidence in the Texas Senate to provide a quick resolution for him.

Donald Trump said once, “In truth, they are not after me. They’re after YOU.” Paxton uses the same defense when defending himself from the persecution of moderate Republicans.