Kevin Hart Says Cancel Culture Is Getting Out Of Hand


Kevin Hart, the comedian, and A-list actor, recently spoke out to defend Dave Chappelle and said that the cancel culture campaign to bring him down was getting out of control. Hart said that he believes most comedians are competitive personalities and regard Chappelle as a brother.

Chappelle was criticized for making jokes about transgender activists being transphobic during his Netflix comedy special and said that the criticisms of Chappelle were misplaced.

Hart said that man doesn’t have one hateful bone in him. Hart said that he didn’t say it because it was hypothetical. He said that because he knows him. Hart said he knows his world and is close to LGBT+ friends. His children are taught equality, fair treatment, and love, as well as his wife. Hart says he is a great guy.

Hart continued to criticize the media for misrepresenting Chappelle’s statements.

He said the media has an incredible way of creating what they want a story to be and that nobody is hearing Dave’s attempt to communicate his thoughts. They are hearing a narrative.

Hart also spoke out about the comments that cost him his job as Oscars host. He said his ego blinded him to the point where he couldn’t see the truth.

Hart then criticized people who are offended at things and then try to destroy the lives of the ones who offended them. He said you can find a joke to be tasteful or disgusting.

Hart stated that you are entitled to be, and it is rightfully so. Hart explained that you also have the right to oppose it. However, the energy you put into trying to change or terminate someone is out of control.