Kevin McCarthy Removed as Speaker of the House, Gaetz Motion to Vacate Succeeds


After an hour of speeches and a roll call vote Tuesday afternoon, Rep. Matt Gaetz’s Motion to Vacate the chair succeeded, 216-210, removing California Rep. Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House. Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) was immediately named Speaker Pro Tem.

The vote today was historic, as it marked the first time that such a motion had been successful in American history.

McHenry gaveled the House into recess as his first act, reportedly at McCarthy’s urging.

McCarthy’s supporters cited, in their speeches before the vote, actions taken by several House committees relating to China/COVID and DOJ weaponization.

Some thought that Gaetz’s wing was being too harsh in their expectations for McCarthy.

Some speakers claimed that Gaetz’s proposal was purely for his own benefit and not the American people.

Gaetz, however, countered by saying that Americans are tired of “theatre failure”.

On Tuesday, House Dems joined 11 Republicans who were dissatisfied with Gaetz to defeat the motion of Rep. Tom Cole.

It wasn’t known as of Tuesday morning whether Democrats would vote in a bloc or not. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a member of the Squad, was recorded as saying she supported Gaetz’s motion. She would vote in favor of the actual MTV. However, she said that a deal between McCarthy and Jeffries had to be made for Democrats to support the motion to the table.

All of this is not important at the moment because the next business item is the vote for a new Speaker.