Kevin McCarthy Slams College-Career Giveaway in Democrats’ China Bill


    The Republican leader in Congress is criticizing the Democrats’ decision not to allow millions of U.S. white-collar jobs to Chinese, Indian, and other college-graduate immigrants.

    Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), tweeted on February 1: “House Democrats’ CONCEDES Act provides an unlimited green card program for Chinese Communist Party to exploit.”

    Democrats want to hurry the bill through Congress on Wednesday. However, some GOP Senators may oppose the green-card giveaway. They have already approved a bill that massively funds research centers.

    Breitbart News reported on February 1 that the Democrats were willing to let myriad Chinese, Indian and other foreign graduates get green cards, then U.S. citizenship, by paying tuition at U.S. or foreign universities.

    The “America COMPETES Act of 2022” draft would allow foreigners to obtain unlimited green cards by studying to be ordinary chemists or doctors, engineers, and statisticians. This includes accountants, tax specialists, computer security experts, and statisticians.

    Rosemary Jenks from NumbersUSA, government relations director, said that “it’s insane — the idea of creating a bill that supposedly increases America’s compatibility [against China] is just nuts.” “It’s dystopian.”

    After the Senate had blocked the Build Back better bill, the House passed the bill shortly. This bill sought to create new pipelines to allow foreign graduates to obtain white-collar U.S jobs.

    U.S. executives have hired approximately 1.5 million nonimmigrant foreign graduates to fill a variety of white-collar positions. These jobs were available before 2000 to allow many American graduates to start their professional careers.

    Breitbart News reported on January 27 that the giveaway would push many American graduates out of jobs in universities and the Fortune 500.

    Some foreign universities can also be granted U.S. citizenship through the Democrats’ bill. According to one rating system, 49 of the top 100 universities worldwide are found outside the United States. This includes three universities in China.

    [Kevin] Lynn, at US Tech Workers] stated that the U.S. already offers an O-1 “genius Visa” for highly qualified foreign professionals. Lynn said that the House bill’s large-scale new programs would slowly import an “overclass”, of credentialed foreign scientists and managers.

    “We would be importing people who will eventually be the managers of Americans. That’s because higher education in America does that, and that’s why skills are important in America. This is dangerous. It will make America less competitive by hollowing out citizens who are part of the country’s social fabric.

    About half of skilled workers in U.S. labs are foreign “postdocs” often with OPT or J-1 work permits. Because they can work harder than U.S. citizens and are paid with the hope of receiving government-provided green card benefits, they are preferred over other Americans. Many young Americans are denied research positions at universities due to a large number of foreign postdocs.

    This legislation would also increase the diversion and theft of wealth, investment, and jobs from workers and businesses in GOP states and districts. This is because coastal investors can open workplaces that are close to their homes through the federal delivery of migrant workers.

    McCarthy’s focus on green cards is important, despite the narrow focus on China’s Communist Party. This is because GOP leaders are afraid to challenge the incessant demands of their business donors for more cheap and compliant workers.

    Migration is a way to move money. Since at least 1990, the federal governments have tried to expel people from poor countries in order that they could serve U.S. investors as low-wage workers, government-aided customers, or high-density renters within the U.S. Economy.

    This extraction-migration strategy is unstoppable and can be harmful to blue-collar as well as white-collar Americans. This strategy reduces their opportunities for advancement and increases their housing costs.

    This strategy also reduces Americans’ productivity and shrinks their political influence. It also widens regional wealth gaps between the Democratic urban and coastal districts of the United States and the Republican heartlands states.

    This economic policy radicalizes Americans’ democratic and compromise-promoting civic culture. It also allows wealthy elites to ignore the despairing Americans at bottom of society.

    A wide range of polls, not widely publicized, show widespread opposition to labor migration and the inflow temporary workers into jobs coveted by U.S. students.

    Opposition is growing, anti-establishment widespread, multiracial cross-sex, not-racist class-based, bipartisan rationale persistent and recognizes the solidarity that Americans owe each other.