KJP Makes Startling Admission About Biden Committing Impeachable Offense


Joe Biden has been defended by both the White House and the media who insist he did nothing wrong. The evidence against Biden is extensive, so we know this is untrue. Karine Jean-Pierre, during the White House Press briefing this week, let slip a detail that could prove Joe Biden guilty of obstruction — a crime punishable by impeachment.

When asked if Joe Biden attended Hunter Biden’s Capitol Hill Press Conference, which he did instead of attending a deposition for Jean-Pierre, he replied, “Look, you know Hunter Biden is an individual citizen. So, I would certainly refer you to Hunter Biden’s representatives. You know, I’m sure the president knew what his son would say. “I think you saw his son’s heartfelt words.”

What she said is clear. Jean-Pierre claims that Joe Biden had spoken with Hunter to discuss what he would say, which meant he already knew he wouldn’t be attending the deposition.

Jonathan Turley, a constitutional scholar, called this “a breathtaking mistake.”

In my previous testimony, obstruction was one of the four articles that could be used to impeach me. Hunter’s treatment is already being questioned, with questions about alleged felonies that were allowed to expire and warnings of planned federal raids.

Biden also enlisted the White House staff to promote his own version of events and attack the House Republicans investigation process. These acts could be used to legally boot-strap his previous misconduct into his presidency, under the abuse of power allegations.

If the latest accusation is true, then the president spoke to his son about potentially committing an act of contempt that could be criminal. Hunter refused to testify about his involvement in the alleged influence-peddling, but rather on his father’s possible role. The House may pursue evidence about that conversation, and whether the president supported his son’s efforts.

Hunter’s bizarre public display has opened up a new front of prosecution. Hunter could be indicted in a matter of weeks if the same law was applied to Bannon.

Joe Biden has stated that defying subpoenas from Congress cannot be tolerated.

Biden called on the Department of Justice in October 2021 to bring criminal charges against anyone who refused to obey congressional subpoenas issued by the January 6 Select Committee.

“Mr. President, what’s your message to people who defy Congressional subpoenas on the January 6 Committee?” asked CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins.

Biden said to her, “I hope the committee pursues them and holds criminals accountable.”

In a follow-up, she asked: “Should the Justice Department prosecute them?”

“I do, yes,” Biden insisted.

Not only did Jean-Pierre’s slip not mean Joe Biden was aware of Hunter’s obstructing the Republican investigation and could have advised him to do so, but he is now in a situation where the Justice Department will be asked to prosecute Hunter Biden because he refused to comply with the subpoena. The Biden Crime family didn’t need this double blow.