Kristi Noem and Her Mom Launch Hilarious New Campaign Ad


Gov. Kristi Noem (R – South Dakota) and Corinne Arnold, her mom, created one of the most funniest and wholesome ads this election cycle to promote Noem’s reelection bid.

This lighthearted commercial highlights the governor’s greatest accomplishments, including a booming economy and her mother’s enthusiasm to share her message.

Arnold: Kristi! People need to hear all the good news from South Dakota.

Noem: This is my mom.

Arnold: I am texting my friends. Our state stayed open for business. The best economy in America. Lowest unemployment. We had to spread the word in a big way!

Noem: Okay?

Arnold: What about Instagram? A TikTok dance! Virtual reality

Noem: We’ve made South Dakota stronger than we ever were alone. It doesn’t matter what you say.

A voter rarely sees a candidate’s mom holding a selfie stick while trying to do a TikTok Dance, especially in this serious political climate.

Noem lives in a safe Republican State, so she can be creative. It is encouraging to see campaigns adopt a positive approach and highlight the candidate’s strengths, rather than just attacking ads.

This advertisement is clever and not too flashy. It’s hard to pull off many tricks on video that Republicans can pull off without people questioning their authenticity. Simplicity can sometimes be the key to effective messaging. Noem’s goal is to increase turnout and rally support for her race.

The Republican was a vocal opponent of pandemic lockdowns and gained national attention for her leadership. South Dakota wasn’t considered a state that was on the rise, but Noem has turned the tide.

Noem spoke to me in June about her book “Not My First Rodeo.” She also talked about her faith and how it influenced her current position.