Kushner Memoir Reveals Cuomo Knew COVID-19 Would Ravage Nursing Homes


The greatest tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic is the unchecked destruction that swept through New York’s nursing homes after Andrew Cuomo, then-Governor, issued an executive order that required them to accept COVID-positive patients by March 2020.

The consequences were catastrophic. It was obvious from the beginning what such a policy would accomplish and there has never been an acceptable explanation for why he would sign it. The consequences were predictable. Tens of thousands of people were affected by a disease that they contracted. Cuomo would be eventually forced from office, but it was infuriatingly not for this.

His administration has admitted that it lied about elderly deaths in order to cover them up. Until it was too late, most media ignored the story.

Jared Kushner (ex-son-in-law of President Donald Trump) reveals in his memoir that Cuomo knew what to do if the disease reached nursing homes. Kushner claims that Cuomo compared it to fire through dry grass.

The Post was informed by relatives of those who lost their loved ones in nursing homes following Cuomo’s orders that they were to disclose the information. This heightened their anger and highlighted the need for accountability.

Kushner stated that Cuomo mentioned possible horrors at nursing homes in a 30-minute telephone call. Kushner was responsible for the White House’s early response to pandemics as they grew in New York.

Cuomo said to Kushner in the March 15 call that it could be like a fire through dry grass.

Cuomo’s March 25 order stated that nursing homes were not allowed to refuse patients “solely based upon a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19.” The families of the victims claimed this was a death sentence for elderly and vulnerable residents.

We all know the consequences.

Cuomo’s controversial nursing policy, which was meant to reduce hospital crowding, remained in place until May 10. Kushner’s nearly 500-page book, “Breaking History,” does not provide any details on the scandal at the nursing home. It is due on August 23.

To obstruct a federal investigation, the Cuomo administration admitted to covering up death statistics from nursing home residents.

It is amazing that everyone knew that it was happening. Despite the horror stories and stories that were told about it, the media complex ignored it and didn’t pursue the story until it became too difficult. It was impossible to ignore the number of deaths, so his admission that he had lied was received with disappointment and not outrage.

He was forced to resign because of sexual harassment and assault. He has not had to answer for the scandal and he plans to make a comeback in politics, likely to the cheers of his media sycophants.

Why was he so highly praised? Because of his scathing remarks about Donald Trump during the pandemic. The largely New York-based media applauded him as a hero, a leader, and they clapped like seals. What did we learn about his “leadership?” He was wrong in everything he did.

Cuomo never was held accountable for this scandal. This is truly perverse. Cuomo was allowed to continue as governor in spite of it. He was forced to resign when greater media outrage (#MeToo) came for him. He was responsible for the deaths of thousands of New Yorkers, and they will never be able to get any justice.