Kyrsten Sinema Says She Will Support Manchin-Schumer Spending Bill and Arizonians Have A Lot to Say


Arizonans are asking whether Sen. Kyrsten Silena (D-Ariz.) should support the huge Democrat-backed taxation and social spending bill. This was part of a deal between Senator Joe Manchin, D.W.Va., as well as Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Sinema declared Thursday night that she would “move ahead” with the bill (officially called the Inflation Reduction Act), after signaling previously that changes would need to be made to allow her to support it.

We talked to residents in Arizona about the bill and whether Sinema should accept it, given that it would result in tax increases on middle-class Americans.

Willis Daychild, a resident, stated that she believes she should. “I support it because the inflation rate is outrageous at the moment, and I would be happy if they could curb it somehow.”

Gary Kuznia, a resident, disagreed. He said, “No way,” and suggested that he felt so strongly about the bill, that he deliberately kept his language simple for the camera.

He said that the bill would not fix the huge level of inflation facing Americans and would increase taxes on Americans, despite promises to the contrary.

“I hope she doesn’t cave. It’s true. She is a great friend of mine. I like her, even though I am a conservative. He added, “I hope she doesn’t.”

Richard Carrillo, a Resident of Sinema, stated that he wasn’t concerned about the possibility of higher taxes from the bill. He claimed that Sinema should support the bill “if it helps us out.”

“Yes, I would. He said, “I would support it… I believe she should back it.”

Joseph Nunez, a resident said that “as far as me concerned, you just don’t know if this much money will combat inflation.” But without solid, concrete evidence of how it will work, I don’t believe she should support something that costs three-quarters trillion dollars. This is a lot of money.

He said, “I don’t know if she should support that without specifics in how and where that money will be spent so that it can trickle to the places it needs to go.”

Sinema’s support means that the bill will likely pass the Senate in narrow votes. This could lead to Vice President Kamala Harir being forced to end a 50-50 tie.

Schumer had earlier announced on Thursday that the Senate would meet again Saturday afternoon to vote on the bill.