La County Supervisor Says Those Who Oppose Forced Masking Are Snowflake Weepies


Sheila Kuehl, Los Angeles County Supervisor, mocked people who object to forced masking. This was two years after the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. She called them “snowflake weepies” while bizarrely claiming that it is more oppressive for an individual to request shoes in an establishment.

“You know, I’m struck by the kind of blowback from a lot, though not really significant amount, of kind of, you know? snowflake weepies over how oppressive it’s to wear a masque,” she stated during a streamed meeting on July 26. She tried to argue that shoes are “more oppressive to one’s feet than a face mask.”

I don’t get them writing to me about shoes. They are more oppressive than wearing a mask over your face. She said that they do it for their health, or to be able to get into restaurants.

She said that she was there in “old days”, when people protested seat belts and helmets on motorcycles and bikes. “And they were just as fervent, frankly, just as negligent of acknowledging what it cost the rest of the society,” she continued.