LA Supervisor Kuehl Calls Those Opposed to Potential Mask Mandate Snowflake Weepies


Our betters have been astonished at their inability to care for the consequences of their policies and edicts ever since COVID was introduced. However, Sheila Kuehl, the powerful Los Angeles County Supervisor took matters to new depths at Tuesday’s board meeting. She stated that she has heard from opponents of the new mask mandate, which may be implemented Friday, July 29.

I am struck by the backlash from a lot of snowflake weepies about how oppressive wearing a mask is.

Are snowflake weepies? You’ve probably wondered if the authorities really care about you. Further, she compared mask-wearing to wearing everyday clothes like shirts or shoes.

They don’t write me about shoes. Shoes are more oppressive than wearing a face mask, but that is only for your health.

Although this is ridiculous enough to not warrant a reply, I will give one anyway. It is simple: shirts and shoes do not affect your ability to communicate with others, to breathe safely, or, for the very young, to learn to read faces. Although there is plenty of evidence that masks can cause impaired learning, I don’t have to list many studies or graphs. I can speak from my own experience. My three children were sent home from college and school for more than a year after the lockdowns. When they were allowed back in, they were masked, vaxxed, and separated by Plexiglass. They were never allowed to see the faces of their teachers or friends.

Others weren’t impressed, either.

These measures were similar to child abuse and took a horrible toll on my children. It makes my blood boil to hear Sheila Kuehl’s cold-blooded response, “Snowflake Weepies”,

We have seen so much hypocrisy in our leaders’ actions, from Gavin Newsom’s trip to French Laundry to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visiting a salon during lockdowns. It should not surprise that Kuehl is also a Hypocrites Club card-carrying member. In 2020, she was in national headlines for eating outside just hours after voting to ban outdoor dining at restaurants. They are now hoping for Act II.

Kuehl doesn’t mind treating her constituents like garbage. She did this to her constituent from her own district, who wrote her.

Kuehl isn’t being rude to the people she claims to represent, but this isn’t her first instance of being belligerent. It’s clear that Dr. Houman H. Hemmati (and his daughter) are not fans of former Dobie Gillis stars.

Barbara Ferrer, Los Angeles County Public Health Director, will make her decision about the mask mandate by Friday. We have written extensively about Ferrer’s corrupt leadership and corruption in LA County. We will let you know when the decision is made public. I am sure I speak for many people when I say that I hope she doesn’t bring back forced masking.

Before they give us a new mandate, I would like to see our children fully recover from the abusive one that was handed down.