Lankford Stands Firm: Denies Daily Admission of 5,000 Illegals Despite Bill Language


Last night, the Senate released a draft border security bill. This bill provides very few resources to improve security. By removing it from the rule of law and placing it in the hands of Joe Biden, the bill will increase the flow of illegal aliens. Although Biden is a staunch border defender, this bill will only serve to increase the number of illegal aliens.

The problems that were talked about last night;

  1. Before a state of emergency can be declared, only 5,000 illegals per day are allowed in, or 1.8 million per year.
  2. The illegals will be given work permits.
  3. The federal courts in Texas do not have jurisdiction to hear cases relating to this bill, because the federal court of DC has both appellate and original jurisdiction.
  4. We can ignore an emergency if the president decides it is not in the “national interest”.
  5. The number of illegals and the duration of an emergency can’t be increased no matter how many there are.

America First Legal is a company that has many things to dislike:

  1. Only one individual may be returned.
  2. The daily sum does not include minors unaccompanied
  3. The Law keeps all consent decrees in place, including those that prevent enforcement of immigration laws.
  4. The law implements a controversial rule created by Biden that allows asylum officers, not immigration judges, to decide on asylum applications. It also gives them a 15% raise.
  5. If the Biden Border Team does not want to include illegals, they can “opt-out”.
  6. After three years, the bill expires and the number of “emergency” days per year drops from 270 to 225 to 180.
  7. FEMA receives $1.4 billion for immigration and shelter services. This bill allocates an additional $36,000,000 for attorneys to represent illegals.

In late January, the first details of the border bill started to emerge. Although the details were not pretty, they weren’t as bad as what was revealed last night.

He blamed the bad press on internet rumors.

He explicitly denies the comment made by Senator Ted Cruz. See 0:30 and watch Cruz’s rant about the topic.

Lankford talked to Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade today about the bill and reaffirmed previous statements.

Lankford’s interview is almost entirely false. Biden has the option to close the border, but not everyone. The border is still open to families and unaccompanied minors. However, this limit only applies for 270 days. Or admit that the Texas National Guard is the only security at the border.

Lankford’s stance is insane. The bill doesn’t change anything, it just makes laws more lenient. The bill funds chaos, and denies border states the right to challenge laws in court.