Larry Nassar Stabbed in Prison: Fellow Convict Claims He Made Lewd Comment


In an explosive story that we broke earlier this week, Larry Nassar, a former U.S. gymnastics doctor was repeatedly stabbed on Sunday by a fellow prisoner. As my colleague wrote:

Larry Nassar was stabbed repeatedly in a federal prison near Florida. He is the former sports physician for USA Gymnastics who has been found guilty of sexually abusing young gymnasts…

Nassar is in stable condition, and will likely survive the stabbing…

Nassar’s crimes were convicted in 2018 by a jury after 160 victims reported their abuse.

According to a source from the Associated Press, new details have been revealed about the violent incident. It appears to be connected with Nassar’s disgusting crimes against young girls.


WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) – A prisoner accused of stabbing Larry Nassar in a federal penitentiary near Florida claims that the former sports doctor provoked his attack by making a lewd remark while watching a Wimbledon match on television.

According to court records, the inmate identified as Shane McMillan was convicted previously of assaulting an officer at a federal prison in Louisiana in 2006. He also attempted to kill another inmate at the federal Supermax Prison in Florence, Colorado, in 2011.

McMillan attacked Nassar with a makeshift knife in his cell on Sunday, stabbing him repeatedly in the neck and chest before four other prisoners rushed in to pull him away from Nassar.

According to reports, the disgraced ex-physician is probably lucky that other prisoners acted fast. There are no cameras in the cells.

The incident was not recorded on the surveillance cameras because Nassar’s attack was in his cell. These cameras only cover common areas and corridors.

What did McMillan overhear Nassar saying? The AP was told by an anonymous source:

The person who spoke on the record said that McMillan (49), told prison staff that he had attacked Nassar because the ex-U.S. Gymnastics Team doctor, who was sexually abusive, made a comment saying he wanted to see women playing in the Wimbledon Women’s Match.

Nassar is in stable condition, but his injuries, which include collapsed lungs, are severe, as reported previously by NBC News. The AP also reported that this was the second assault on Nassar after he began serving his prison term.

As new details become available, we will update this story.