Law Enforcement Provides Update on Death of Rapper Coolio


According to reports, officials from law enforcement indicated that no drugs were found at the location where Coolio was discovered dead Wednesday afternoon.

TMZ reported that Artis Leon Ivey Jr. died while visiting a friend. His friend set out to find him.

The rapper was declared dead at the scene.

Sources in law enforcement informed TMZ that they had opened a murder investigation but no foul play was suspected. The police also confirmed that they had not found any drugs or paraphernalia on the scene.

Initial signs indicated that there was cardiac arrest. However, authorities stated that an autopsy and toxicology test would be necessary to determine the cause.

Sheila Finegan ( Coolio’s talent manager) stated that she was deeply saddened at the loss of her dear friend Coolio.

She said, “Thanks to all who listened and shared his music with the world and to everybody who reached out to him about his passing,” Coolio should be remembered in your thoughts and prayers.

Coolio’s death shocked many. Coolio had just performed at the 2022 Riot Festival and planned to host many more shows over the coming weeks and months.

Coolio was born in California’s harsh Compton. He went on to be a Grammy-winning recording artist and has sold over 17,000,000 records worldwide.

His most famous song was “Gangsta’s Paradise,” a song that helped him climb to the top in the rap music industry.

Coolio stated on his website that the song won the Grammy Award in 1996 for Best Rap Performance Solo.

According to his website, the song was nominated for a Grammy for Best Song Of The Year. The song sold over six million copies and was Billboard Magazine’s top-selling single of 1995.