Leaked: You won’t believe who the FBI lawyer who doctored FISA docs & his lover worked for


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Last week, a leak to the Washington Post revealed that an individual in the Obama FBI altered documents that provided a FISA warrant to spy on first candidate, then President Trump, which they then CHANGED.

The individual has been identified as Kevin Clinesmith, who worked with a woman who was reportedly his lover, Sally Moyer, for none other than Michael Atkinson, the current Inspector General for the Intelligence Community.

ICIG Michael Atkinson, who modified whistle-blower forms & allowed hearsay CIA leaker, was chief legal counsel for DOJ-NSD over Kevin Clinesmith & Sally Moyer seems to have FALSIFIED FBI DOCUMENTS to Obtain ILLEGAL FISA WARRANTS Against TRUMP.

Barrack Obama and Biden

If you have followed the case closely,
1. The intentional removal of Peter Strzok in combination with the explanation of the lawyer’s FISA responsibilities; and in combination with prior reporting of FBI lawyer
2. It seems pretty obvious the line-level lawyer was Kevin Clinesmith.

If the WaPo article had added all the detail and left in how the line-level attorney worked for Peter Strzok everyone would have known who it was. Hence they put in more details about his activity but removed the Strzok reference.

Kevin Clinesmith was one of the key FBI small group members on the original Clinton investigation known as the “mid-year exam”, or in text messages the “MYE”.
(If you remember this, they submitted documents THREE TIMES to the FBI and the docs were “lost” Thread: Is The Clinton Foundation Under Investigation? (This one is worth your time) $400M to $2Billion to IRS.

Within the MYE Clinesmith was one of the key legal staff working with Peter Strzok. Clinesmith was lawyer #2 for Strzok who eventually transferred to the subsequent Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

Clinesmith was also previously reported to be having an intimate relationship with another member of the FBI team, Sally Moyer, though that is uncertain. (Tashina “Tash” Guahar was also a key legal figure on the Main Justice side of the MYE team.)

Democrats unveil new impeachment moves on Trump after collapse of previous one

Sally Moyer was FBI unit chief in the Office of General Counsel (counterintelligence legal unit within the FBI Office of General Counsel).

Ms. Moyer was responsible for the legal compliance within the FBI counterintelligence operations that generated FISA applications.

When the MYE investigation finished, the Carter Page FISA construction is where Kevin Clinesmith and Sally Moyer come together in their next assignment, the FBI investigation of Trump.

The noteworthy connection between Clinesmith and Moyer is that they also reportedly worked for Atkinson when he was an attorney with the Department of Justice.

Next, Atkinson took the position as the ICIG. It was recently reported that, shortly before the notorious CIA “whistleblower” who had been planted in the White House filed his complaint with the ICIG, Atkinson changed the whistleblower form.

The change allowed for second-hand information, which the “whistleblower,” who is believed to be CIA officer Eric Ciaramella, relied upon for his complaint.

Otherwise, the form shouldn’t have been accepted since it was just based on gossip. Not to mention, the president isn’t even a member of the intelligence community!

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Nonetheless, Atkinson accepted the complaint.

Later, the whistleblower attempted to edit the form that he had originally submitted. In the original, he stated that he did not talk to Congress before filing his complaint, but it was later discovered that he had met with Schiff’s team in Congress, and the whistleblower attempted to change his complaint!


  1. someone start needs to start cleaning house on all this garbage in our intelligence community or FBI etc etc how corrupt are we going to allow it to get

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