Lefts Prove the Dangers Behind Red Flag Laws


A “red flag law” can be described as something that appears to be common sense. We have all wondered why authorities didn’t take weapons from someone who clearly indicated they were dangerous and intended to do harm. Uvalde and Parkland are just three examples of mass shootings that could be prevented if someone was taken into custody for clearly signaling their disturbing thoughts to others.

But once you notice the red flag laws talk, you will start to see the flaws and holes in the idea.

A red flag law, which is essentially a social nod, can be used to strip someone of their 2nd Amendment rights. It does not mean that they have committed a crime. However, it may seem like they have or might commit a crime, even though they haven’t and probably wouldn’t. A person can lose their right to bear arms if they are accused of causing harm.

Arther Schwartz highlighted this Twitter moment. Jason Campbell, Media Matters for America’s spokesperson, attempted to make Ben Shapiro look crazy by declaring that he would greet anyone who came for his children with a gun. Campbell is a Media Matters shill, so he doesn’t know how to put things in context. This is likely making Shapiro’s statements sound sensational. However, I would probably greet anyone who came for my children at the door with a gun. Many parents, in fact, would do it.

We do know that Ben Shapiro does not intend to kill mass murderers. He is a rational, logical man who encourages discussion and reasoned debate over violence. Rep. Eric Swalwell probably knows this, but it didn’t stop him from calling Shapiro a “lunatic” while openly suggesting that red flag laws should exist due to people like Shapiro.

You can see the issue I’m sure.

Except in self-defense situations, Shapiro isn’t a danger to anyone. He has never displayed any radicalized nonsense that would indicate he is unstable or dangerous. A sitting congressman suggests that Shapiro’s firearms (if any) be taken from him because Shapiro was sensationalized by one of his ideological allies.

Red flag laws can be misused and leftists already have blue check marks on Twitter indicating that they are ready to use them.

Although the left wants to abolish the Second Amendment, they also know it will be difficult. They don’t have enough support, so it requires a lot. It is possible to get creative in removing guns. It could also be used to help create additional legislation that would make it easier to take away firearms from larger populations. You could be arrested if you are a member of an angry parent group or a patriotic Facebook group.

It will only take one leftist to make this claim.

There are many ways to make people safer. But, punishing the innocent is not one of them. In a perfect world, red flag laws would be wonderful, but there is no such thing. People in power are ready to abuse any opportunity to advance their own agendas.

The rest of the Bill of Rights, including the right to gun ownership, is only a wishlist. Are we willing to live in a world where Eric Swalwell can grab your rights and take them away from you?