Leftwing Student Opposition to TPUSA Turns Violent at Missouri High School


Turning Point USA (TPUSA), a 501(c),(3) nonprofit organization, “identifies and educates, trains, organizes, and promotes freedom.” The group is well-known to most readers. There are chapters covering over 3,000 colleges and high schools across the country.

Students from Lee’s Summit West High School in Kansas City tried to host their first TPUSA event there on Tuesday. The reaction of students was exactly what we’ve come to expect from leftist activists: jeers and intimidation.


TPUSA students held their first informational meeting at Lee’s Summit West High School. Left-wing students disrupted the meeting, and the school administration had no choice but to close it down.

This incident was recorded on video.

Junior Kali M. said these words about the incident:

“I am shocked and saddened by the current state of some student bodies”.

After the incident, the principal sent an email to parents that briefly mentioned the protest but didn’t mention violence.

Lee’s Summit West principal Dr. Hertzog described it as “students only met during Titan Time to protest, and then they went back to class”.

Dr. Hertzog said that the School had “processed a discipline matter” in relation to the violent incident. He did not give any details to parents about the incident, such as whether the violence was committed in the name of a left-wing group or what the “discipline” for the guilty student would look like.