LFO’s Co-Founder Brian ‘Brizz’ Gillis Dies at 47, Marking Third Band Member’s Death


LFO, an iconic ’90s rock band best known for their song “Summer Girls”, has lost its founder member

Brian Gillis, 47, died Wednesday. His cause of death remains unknown.

Gillis and Rich Cronin were part of the group’s initial days. Fischetti later joined the band and was signed to Lou Pearlman’s Trans Continental Records record labels. This label signed Boy Bands such as NSYNC and Backstreet Boys.

Although they had some success, it wasn’t until “Summer Girls”, also called the Abercrombie & Fitch smash, that they were a major star.

Gillis resigned from the group just before the success and Devin Lima took his place. Jennifer Love Hewitt was the music video for “Girl on TV”.

Gillis is the third person to die from LFO, even though they were in their 20s when they reached their peak.

Cronin was 36 when he died after fighting leukemia.

Lima was found to have stage 4 adrenal cancer. He was 41.

Fischetti was the last member of LFO and posted a tribute to Gillis on his Instagram account.

He said, “Every story is composed of chapters.”

“Brian Gillis, also known as ‘Brizz Gillis’, has passed away. It’s something I have repeated before and it will be repeated. I want to bring light to the darkness. Finding redemption through suffering and pain. Honoring the past.


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Fischetti called Gillis his “former bandmate and friend,” and wrote, “If it wasn’t for his hard work and dedication in the early days of LFO, the first two chapters, the LFO you came to know and (hopefully) love would not exist.”

He said, “My relationship with Brian was complicated. He said, “My relationship with Brian was complicated.

“I have prayed for Brian every day for many years. I will keep praying for him, his dad, his friends, and all his loved ones.

Fischetti stated, in a touching tribute for the deaths of other members, “I know that soon or perhaps already Brizz would greet Rich and Devin.” “They will make sweet sounds together I hope. That would be something that I love. ”

He ended his tribute with the words “Rest East bro. Rest in Peace.