Liberals Melt Down After Musk Claims The Democrat Party Was Hijacked By Extremists


    Elon Musk, a new Twitter owner, broke leftist brains Thursday by tweeting that the Democrat Party was moving too far to its left and being “hijacked” by extremists.

    Musk tweeted a comic that showed the evolution of liberals between 2008 and now on Thursday evening. The illustration showed how conservatives and liberals were roughly equal in their positions at the center of the political spectrum in 2008. Musk was slightly to the left.

    The graphic showed Musk and the conservative in identical places in 2021. However, this time, the liberal, now known as the “woke progressive”, had run to the extreme left of scale, moving the center point further left. Former liberals are now on the conservative side.

    Musk added insult to injury by claiming that the Democratic Party was being run entirely by the extreme left. Musk responded to Tim Urban’s analysis of Musk’s graph.

    Liberals on Twitter couldn’t take such a slap in their faces.

    David Leavitt, a leftist journalist, tweeted that the image was “propaganda.”

    “It is now 100% clear that Musk has been part of the GOP propaganda apparatus,” tweeted Dean Obeidallah, liberal radio host and MSNBC contributor. “It’s obvious that Elon Musk is as evil as you believed he was.

    Shaun King, a liberal commentator, couldn’t believe Musk’s graphic. He tweeted: “The right has not moved at all in the past 20 years.” Zero movement? This illustration demonstrates this.

    Keith Olbermann mumbled, “Sorry that you reversed it, Muskrat.”

    “With this type of take, I don’t think your ‘public square” will be so nice,” Katie Phang, MSNBC anchor, tweeted.

    Jacob Bacharach, a novelist, tweeted “All the brain damage Ronald Reagan caused but none of its charm.”

    Richard Marx, a songwriter, tweeted “I’m an Independent who’s voted in both parties all my life.” Please provide a Democratic equivalent of banning books, outlawing abortion or supporting and enabling insurrections.

    Thor Benson, a Leftist writer, commented on Musk’s statement. He said, “I’m beginning to believe this guy isn’t a neutral observer.”