Liz Cheney May Subpoena Kevin McCarthy After His Refusal To Cooperate With January 6 Committee


    Rep. Liz Cheney claimed she could subpoena House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy after he refused cooperation with the January 6, Committee.

    McCarthy made a written statement saying that he would not take part in the select committee’s abuses and that it “will harm the House going forward.” Breitbart News reported on McCarthy’s rejection as well as details about the abuses of authority.

    Speaker Pelosi rejected the Republican members I referred to for this committee. This committee is a political shaming machine that acts in the capacity both of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee and the DOJ.

    The committee demanded interviews with all applicants for the First Amendment permits. It also demanded records of financial statements, call records, and other records from private banks. This is against the law.

    As the leader and representative for the minor party, I regret not taking part in the abuses of power by the select committee. This has stained the institution and will continue.

    McCarthy was emailed Wednesday by the select committee, asking him to answer some questions regarding his January 6 communications from Donald Trump. Punchbowl News reported that McCarthy would be subpoenaed by Democrats to testify before the committee. 

    “It’s fair that Jan.6 insurrection deserved a remarkable response. McCarthy’s allies have already begun talking about paying back.