Liz Cheney Says Her Colleagues and Constituents Enable White Supremacy


A shooting attack in a Buffalo grocery store in NY caused panic. Within minutes, paramedics arrived and the nutters began to play the blame game.

The gunman’s political views are not similar to those of the GOP, and if you think they are you are crazy.

It’s undisputed that blood is everywhere. Liz Cheney, a soon-to-be ex-GOP Representative from Wyoming was soon to be one. She’ll likely be cohosting The Young Turks or some other show.

This kind of statement makes you wonder what planet Cheney lives on. Throwing around accusations of this kind, particularly when they are patently untrue, simply marks Cheney as the low-rent, amoral grifter we’ve come to know during her time in Congress. So naturally, her statement gave the progressive media the opening needed to make her case for her. In fact, the New York Times lead editorial today was devoted to hammering home the theme The Buffalo Shooting Was Not a Random Act of Violence.

Some Republican legislators openly supported white nationalism. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia, and Paul Gosar, Arizona, participated in Nick Fuentes’ (a white supremacist) conference in February.

Senator Kevin McCarthy of California was a minority leader who called their actions “appalling” and “wrong” but did not formalize his rebuke or punish them.

Top Republicans are less vocal than their hard-right counterparts when criticizing Democrats. However, they often use ethnic and racial grievances to attack Democrats. It is frequently manipulated, and sometimes manipulated by Jews.

Fuentes views are not mine. I find his hateful views no worse than those of Robin D’Angelo or IbramX. Kendi, and other critics, of race theory, have the right of evaluating them. Society cannot decide whether or not it is acceptable to criticize and punish someone based on their race.

This is the heart of the matter.

Elise Stefanik, a New York Representative was the victim of the shooting. She is a representative of a Northern New York congressional district. 3 House Republican.

Ms. Stefanik falsely claimed that Democrats wanted undocumented immigrants legalized to replace American voters to elect them to power.

n September, she released a campaign ad on Facebook claiming that Democrats were plotting “a Permanent Election Insurrection” by granting “amnesty” to undocumented immigrants, which her ad said would “overthrow our current electorate and create a permanent liberal majority in Washington.”

She, along with other Republicans, falsely accused President Biden of sending infant formula pallets to undocumented immigrants to help children in need while there is a shortage.

The New York Times calls something false but it doesn’t make it false. There is a reason that the Democrats are allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to move unimpeded across our borders. There is a reason they fought President Trump tooth-and-nail when he tried to restrict that flow. There is a reason that Democrats don’t want voter ID laws or require proof of citizenship to register to vote. There is a reason Democrats actually allow illegals to register to vote and vote. It is because they believe a vulnerable population, held hostage by its dependency on government handouts, will be a reliable voting base for generations. So to claim that the left is pushing open borders is based on concern for the welfare of migrants is just stupid or dishonest or both.

A similar claim for baby formula. Is formula in short supply in facilities for illegal aliens? No, it isn’t. Is it in short supply in grocery stores where American citizens shop? Yes, it is. Right there, you have ironclad proof that illegal aliens receive treatment by the US government that is preferential to that received by Americans. It isn’t the market that is making the choice on the distribution of baby formula; it is government intervention. There may be all kinds of reasons and excuses for that preferential treatment, but to say it does not exist is a lie.

Representative Adam Kinzinger, Republican of Illinois and an ally of Ms. Cheney, said other party leaders should be called to account for Ms. Stefanik’s statements.

“Did You Know: @EliseStefanik Pushes White Replacement Theory? He claimed to be the third House GOP Member.

It was said by a small, sad twit or someone similar. It’s what he does.

Liz Cheney is a frustrated and angry drifter who can’t wait to see her grift end. It won’t be very interesting to read her tweets or statements for quite some time, as there is no market in GOP.

We can’t allow ourselves to be convinced by leftists that we aren’t as good as they say.