Liz Cheney’s Reputation Rehab Tour Flounders Badly During Stop at Reagan Library


The January 6th Committee’s failure to accomplish its mission (“Get Trump!”), as well as their use of hearsay “witnesses”, and intentionally excluding actual witnesses who have reportedly stated they would counter the “bombshell” testimony, purported Republican member Liz Cheney (Wyo.). In an attempt to save her reputation, she has been on a sort of tour.

This week, her first stop was an interview with Jon Karl of ABC News. Karl is a sympathetic ABC News reporter and has published a heavily pimped book (now at half price on Amazon) about Trump’s Capitol riot. Cheney, as we reported previously, suggested that part of the committee’s responsibility was to defend Cassidy Hutchinson from attack. However, the real responsibility of the committee is to find the truth and not coddle those who testify before it.

Things didn’t turn out well for Cheney in a “Time for Choosing” speech she gave at the Reagan Library. Although Cheney received a standing ovation before her speech, it was likely that there were a mix of Never Trumpers and establishment Republicans. She also called on Democrats to support her in what is expected to be a difficult re-election campaign. However, some of the things she said to the crowd defied logic.

Cheney was most notable for her praise of Hutchinson’s supposed “bravery, patriotism”. These comments were made by Cheney in the context of telling young women about the value they bring to society and suggesting that their leadership is more important than ever because “men are running this world and it really is not going well.”

Cheney spoke of Hutchinson, saying that her superiors were men many years older and that a lot of them hide behind executive privilege, anonymity, and intimidation. “But her bravery and her patriotism yesterday were amazing to see.”

Cheney stated that little girls across the nation are learning what it means to love this country, and how it means to be a patriot. He was referring to Hutchinson, who had previously been in closed-door interviews before being made public.


I could write a whole article about this tiresome, sexist trope (and may – stay tuned), but the thing that really got me thinking was Hutchinson being a prime example of what it meant to be patriotically and brave.

Consider that Hutchinson’s “blockbuster” testimony, particularly the part relating to Trump allegedly trying to take over a presidential car from the Secret Service on Jan 6th, 2021, is already in disarray with witnesses who were actually there to testify that she was lying. Why should this be considered brave and patriotic?

Hutchinson may have lied under oath during her testimony. However, it should not be regarded as an example of good behavior, nor should facilitating sham hearings for political gain. This is Liz Cheney, and her Honesty and Principles ship has sailed long before us, which she also provided in her interview and speech