Los Angeles County Proposes Common Sense Gun Laws That Completely Lack Common Sense


Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is determined to do more than possible. The Board of Supervisors is currently trying to pass a gun control bill that will only enrich the bank accounts and legal challenges of many lawyers.

Today, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors instructed its attorneys to draft a series of ordinances that regulate gun ownership and sales in the county. This includes a ban against the sale of handguns with 50 calibers or ammunition in unincorporated areas.

This might seem like all it does. People looking to purchase.50-caliber ammunition or handguns need to only travel a short distance from Los Angeles County.

A buffer zone would be established between gun/munition dealers, sensitive areas, schools, daycare centers, and unincorporated areas. Another would ban firearm possession on county property.

Let’s review. California has an eight-day waiting period before a gun can be purchased and taken into possession.

This would make a great retail business opportunity. It would be a great retail opportunity.

The board ordered county staff to develop a variety of regulations in the next 90 days. The regulations required ammunition dealers to obtain a county business license; restricted access to ammunition stores for children; and required these stores to keep a record and install security cameras. All customers must be informed about their gun owners’ responsibilities and the local gun safety classes.

This proves that the potential laws have never been implemented in gun shops.

This story explains how all the information was obtained from a confidential study requested by the Board. However, some people may have shared some unfavorable truths. However, they did it in secret, as there were no public hearings.

“If we move forward with implementing these four common-sense gun regulations, I hope others in our county will follow suit,” Hahn said.

Or, maybe they’ll actually do something about the drug and mental health crises that are the actual problem. Don’t hold your breath.