Los Angeles Sheriff Calls Out DA Gascon Over Support for Lightweight Sentence in Mom’s Hit-and-Run


Alex Villanueva sued George Gascon, the District Attorney, for allegedly agreeing to the controversial charges against a wrong-way driver teen who ran over a mother and infant while high on drugs and driving a stolen vehicle.

Los Angeles officials stated that they were not consulted because we weren’t the investigating agency. Encourage and don’t empower criminal behavior.

At 17 years old, the suspect pleaded guilty in two cases of hit-and-run and assault by force. He was initially charged with DUI and could have faced additional charges.

The teen was sentenced to juvenile probation for between five and seven months.

Rachel’s mother stated in her impact statement that “a car approached me with a child and I stopped walking. I then moved the stroller and myself to the right side road to allow him to pass.” “As he approached our safety, he turned the wheel in our favor and accelerated towards death. ”

The video shows that he drove over the cars and tried to flee, but another driver driving a pickup truck pursued him. He crashed into one of the cars and smashed it into a telephone pole.

Friday’s statement from Gascon’s office stated that the sentence was “an appropriate solution.”

Villanueva’s Office appeared shocked by Friday’s statement by the DA. Fox News Digital reported that they were shocked by Friday’s statement from the DA.

A spokesperson stated that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has not agreed to any changes it didn’t file.

A victim of domestic violence stated that she was dissatisfied with the DA’s policies and that she approached the case with the “lightest touch” possible.

“George Gascon doesn’t value my life or the life of my child, or any other victim out there and would rather reward the monsters like [the juvenile suspect] by demonstrating to them that their actions have no consequences,” she wrote. “DA Gascon is telling him and every other thug in LA County that it doesn’t matter if you try to murder people. Why are Gascon’s policies prioritizing the livelihood of rotten monsters when my child, my baby, who is incapable of protecting himself, is left to fend for himself and is essentially being told his life doesn’t matter?”

Gascon was in serious trouble for months because of what critics call a soft approach when prosecuting criminals.

Gascon faces a second recall attempt, which is being supported by deputy prosecutors from that office. To secure a poll organizers will require 67,000 more signatures by July 6.

California’s appeals courts ruled that Gascon could not refuse to face charges in “three strikes” cases. This dramatically increases the sentence for repeat felons.