Louisiana ‘Super Fog’ Pileup on Interstate Leaves 7 Dead, 25 Injured, Over 150 Vehicles Damaged


Seven people were killed, at least two dozen injured and 158 vehicles were damaged on an interstate in Louisiana during a “super fog” that left visibility near zero.

According to Louisiana State Police, the fog caused a crash that involved at least 158 cars on I-55 on Monday morning.

The Louisiana Department of Traffic Development has reported an 11-mile backup.

Police said that additional fatalities may be found once the accident scene has been cleared.

Police said that a long stretch of Interstate 55 near New Orleans (a 24-mile highway) will be closed for the “foreseeable future”.

According to the state police, emergency crews spent hours clearing debris from the northbound and southbound lanes.

Storm chaser Brandon Clement said to FOX Weather, first responders had a large canvas tent with portable toilets and a communication center for the recovery and clean-up.

The police said that shortly after the first incident, a large portion of the crash scene was on fire.

The Louisiana State Police has released photos of multiple car accidents, some of which have left cars severely damaged.

Lance Scott recalls to FOX Weather the rapid succession of accidents that occurred on the highway.

Scott said, “I was in a small pocket of probably 15 cars that were not damaged.” “And about two or three seconds after we stopped, you heard boom, bang, bang, and boom as collision after collision was behind us.”

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards and his wife “pray for those injured and killed” after the accident.

Please join me and Donna as we pray for the victims and their families in today’s tragic I-5 crash. Governor Edwards said that the combination of dense fog and wildfire smoke is dangerous. I urge all Louisianans to use extreme caution while traveling in these areas. Edwards stated.

The Governor also encouraged residents on foggy roads to be cautious and to donate blood.

“I would also like to thank first responders and the medical staff who worked so hard to save lives and render assistance. You can also help by donating blood to your local blood donation centers. This will replenish the supplies being used to treat the wounded today,” Gov. Edwards said.