Macron Accused Of Campaigning With Armoured Vehicles As Nearly 100 Protesters Arrested


    After nearly 100 people were detained by police, Emmanuel Macron, the French president, has been criticized for using armored police cars against the Paris Freedom Convoy.

    Paris police arrested 97 people Saturday as protestors from the Freedom Convoy movement took to the streets against a French ban.

    Le Monde reports that 81 people were held in police custody at 6 AM local time. One of them was described as the face of France’s Yellow Vest movement.

    An internal investigation is underway into the actions taken by one officer. This comes after an online video showed one protestor being left with a head injury following being hit by police.

    According to the publication, authorities said that a video was currently being circulated on social media following a police operation on Champs-Elysees. “An internal administrative investigation is being launched by the prefect.”

    According to Le Monde, police also stressed that protests are still being blocked.

    According to POLITICO, hundreds of fines were also handed out to protestors.

    One clip that was shared on social media shows police using tear gas against a cafe.

    During this time, the French President Emmanuel Macron was swiftly criticized for his use of armoured cars by the police against the protest.

    France, like many other European countries, has taken a tough stance against anti-lockdown protesters. Yesterday’s video showed law enforcement beating demonstrators, and breaking windows.

    Marine Le Pen, right-wing populist presidential candidate, has been one to attack President Macron. She accused him of starting his presidential reelection campaign using “armoured trucks”.

    “In the wake the arrival armoured vehicles of the gendarmerie Paris, he could declare a candidacy because, symbolically, I find it resembles his mandate,” Le Pen stated, adding that Macron’s five previous years as president were marked by chaos, disorder, conflict and division of the French people.

    “Energy prices continue to rise. There has been no government response. Le Pen previously stated that the vaccination pass was ineffective and does not remove the device that violates individual rights. “I can understand the frustration of the French.”

    Socialist presidential candidate Nathalie arthaud also applauded the demonstrations. She described them as “the denunciation soaring gas prices”, precariousness, and low wages.

    France Info: “They are right to fight, and I applaud their inviting themselves into the election campaign,” said the candidate. It feels good to finally hear the problems of the working class.

    Eric Zemmour, a populist firebrand candidate, also attacked Emmanuel Macron, claiming that he had severely mismanaged China’s Coronavirus pandemic.

    Zemmour posted online that the vaccination pass should be abolished. “Emmanuel Macron has irresponsibly managed this epidemic crisis. Since December, I have been urging you to take long-term measures as the epidemic is rapidly becoming an epidemic.