Madonna Faces Backlash for Requesting Fan in Wheelchair to Stand Up at Concert


Online trolls are mocking Madonna after she made a huge mistake at her concert.

Online, a video of “Material Girl’s” singer berating a person in the audience at her concert who didn’t stand up has been posted. What are you doing over there sitting down? She pointed directly at the person. What are you doing seated down? She repeated it.

Madonna was strutting down the runway, getting a better look at the person. She elicited a reaction from her audience, but then she learned that the person to whom she was talking was in a wheelchair.

She replied, “Oh, okay.” “Politically incorrect. Sorry. “I’m glad to see you here.”

Social media users have expressed their anger towards Madonna for even remarking.

What a disgrace! She is a disgrace! That’s unacceptable!” One person wrote on X.

“Politically incorrect it is not either. Ableism. I will sit or stand if I have paid for my seat. Concerts can be exhausting and hot. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break. I wouldn’t buy her tickets because I am not a fan. “If I were a fan I would no longer be,” said another.

“As Madonna’s biggest fan, and as someone likely to end up in a wheelchair due to balance problems; I am very disappointed. Many people don’t realize that there are many types of disabilities. “It’s just shameful,” they cried.

“Apologize now with normal sentiment for the wheelchair comment,” another directed to the singer’s own account. “It wasn’t “politically incorrect” it was a total complete error on your part for assuming everyone at your age of concertgoers can stand the entire time. Shame on you. You think way too highly of yourself,” they slammed.

Madonna is currently touring “The Celebration Tour”.

The incident occurred at Madonna’s Vancouver concert at Rogers Arena on February 21, according to social media users. However, the video has only recently gone viral.

“I have been to the show. She asks everyone in the audience to stand during a certain part of the show. The show is not about how many people are sitting or standing. She only asks you to participate in one section. “And this time, she embarrassed herself”, a fan said of the likely cause for Madonna’s comment.

Many social media users have claimed that the incident occurred during Madonna’s Vancouver concert held in February.

Other people came to Madonna’s defense and acknowledged that she immediately apologized, showing clear remorse.

It’s great to see Madonna quickly acknowledge and apologize for unintentional errors. One user said that it’s important to include and be inclusive of everyone in the audience, no matter their ability. It’s not serious. “Leave her alone!” Another person pleaded, “Leave her alone!”

No response was received from a representative of Madonna. Madonna is currently on her “Celebration Tour” and will perform next in March. The next performance of Madonna will be on Mar. 11 at the Kia Forum, in Los Angeles.

A stage accident made headlines last month. Madonna fell awkwardly off her chair while performing “Open Your Heart” as she was being dragged by a backup performer across the stage. She got up and performed despite the minor mistake.