Maine Mass Shooting Suspect Robert Card Still at Large, Authorities Urge Vigilance


Robert Card, 40, an Army Reservist who has been identified by authorities as the only suspect in the mass shooting that took place in Lewiston on Wednesday night, leaving 18 people dead, remains at large.

Police continue to conduct searches in Lewiston and surrounding areas, including Lisbon, Monmouth, and Monmouth.

Where is Robert Card?

Card’s local property was searched by law enforcement officers, who even used a megaphone to request that Card surrender himself peacefully. The officers left after two hours.

Card and his family own several properties throughout the city, according to public records.

Mike Sauschuck, the commissioner of Maine Public Safety, said in a Friday press conference that authorities had recovered a letter that was written by the suspect and left at his home. He didn’t share any details to avoid revealing a motive.

The landscape of Maine, which is largely covered in dense forests, presents a number of challenges to investigators and others involved in the search.

Deploying Dive Teams

Authorities are searching local waterways for Card’s boat, which is missing. Authorities are searching the Androscoggin River as well as the Kennebec River. The U.S. Coast Guard also searches near Boothbay Harbor.

Sauschuck announced at a press conference on Friday that a number of agencies will be sending dive teams to the Androscoggin River, close to where Card’s car was discovered.

He said that the divers would be “checking” for possible bodies and other evidence near an area where boats are launched.

Authorities update the manhunt for Maine mass shooter suspect Robert Card

Aerial view of Blake Corner provided by Maine Dept of Safety. Maine Dept of Safety

He continued, “I don’t say that the suspect is underwater. What I’m saying is that you’re likely to see lots of activity in this area. I will tell you this in advance. We have nothing to hide.”

Get Help from the Public

He said that authorities were working on 530 tips from the public, and would continue to do so every night and day until Card was found.

Sauschuck added, “We are also continuing our searches at two of the main venues, one being Schemengees Bar and Grill, and the other being Sparetime Bowling.”

At the press conference, Lewiston Police Chief David St. Pierre said, “There are many moving parts, and coordination efforts between multiple agencies. We will try to provide as much information as we can as this investigation progresses.”

Safety is a Priority

He added that “Law enforcement is continuing to work diligently in this rapidly evolving case.” The safety of our community is paramount. I want to assure everyone that law enforcement is working around the clock to capture the suspect and protect this community.

I extend my deepest gratitude to all of our partners in law enforcement who responded literally from around the nation. St. Pierre added, “I will again ask the community to have as much patience as possible in this process.”

Card is considered to be “armed dangerous” by authorities, and they have asked the public to contact 911 if the suspect is seen.

Still Days Away

Sauschuck said that investigators were “still days” away from concluding their investigation. He also rebutted criticisms that authorities had not yet located Card.

“We will be processing every inch of these buildings. Not only are the victims involved, but also every cartridge that has been thrown on the floor and needs to be collected. We need to be cautious about the vehicles in these parking lots, and everything we do. “We need to be professionals, and we are committed to doing that,” said the commissioner of public safety. “I would expect to be a few days from the completion of those investigations.”

The Manhunt for the Suspects Continues

Local law enforcement has partnered with federal agencies, bureaus, and state officials to conduct a massive search on land and at sea. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Coast Guard are all involved.

The Border Patrol Tactical Unit, which is a global unit with specialized intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance capabilities, has joined the search.

BORTAC was successful in solving several high-profile cases, including: helping track and find escaped Pennsylvania killer Danelo Cavalcante and Cleveland mass shooting Francisco Oropesa. BORTAC killed and captured the Uvalde School Shooter in May 2022.