Man Crushed by Telescopic Urinal In London


On Friday, a “telescopic Urinal”  tragically killed a man in London’s West End.

Telescopic urinals are portable toilets that are placed underground and hydraulically raised to street level at night. They were designed to stop public urination in the streets at night.

The pop-up toilet is located directly across from the Palace Theater, which currently shows Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

The worker who was performing routine maintenance on the toilet was the one who died. The Westminister City Council shut down a second pop-up urinal just down the street after the tragedy.

A council spokesperson said that “our thoughts and deepest sympathies are for the family of the worker who tragically lost his life at this site in West End.”

“We are on-site supporting our contractor, the emergency services, and will support all investigations in any way possible.”


Scotland Yard spokesmen said that the man, who sustained serious injuries in Cambridge Circus, was declared dead on the spot by emergency services. His next-of-kin has been informed.

According to the Met police, the victim suffered crush injuries while working at the ‘telescopic Urinal’.

According to the London Fire Brigade, he was below street level and “underneath” his urinal. Paramedics treated him but he died.

The cause of the crush injury to the man is not known. The man was found under the pop-up toilet and a crane was needed to lift it. It is still not clear how he got trapped.