Manchin Says D.C Can No Longer Ignore Inflation


Recently, Sen. Joe Manchin shared that D.C. cannot ignore inflation while Democrats are poised to pass the $1.75 trillion Build back Better Act. Manchin issued a statement following the Department of Labor’s October announcement that the Consumer Price Index had increased at the fastest rate in many decades. Also, prices increased by 6.2 percent in October compared to last October.

Manchin responded to reports that Americans are suffering from rising prices by saying that record inflation is not a temporary threat. It is becoming worse in stores, and the inflation tax is real, he said. He stressed that Washington D.C. cannot ignore the financial problems Americans face every day.

Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker (D-CA), stated that she hopes to pass next week’s Build Back Better Act. The bill is expected to pass the House next Wednesday, but it is not clear if Manchin will be supportive of the current spending levels.

Manchin stated that he wouldn’t vote for the $1.75 Trillion Build Back Better Act if he didn’t know about its impact on inflation or the deficit. He demanded that time be taken to fully understand the implications of the mammoth legislation.

Manchin continued by saying that it was important to allow for full transparency and analysis of the effects of any changes to our tax code, energy, and climate policies in order to make sure that the country remains a superpower. He warned that he is ready to block the Senate bill if it would hurt the economy. The Senate has a Democratic majority of one member, so Manchin’s vote against reconciliation could prevent it from the upper chamber.

Manchin stated that he was open to supporting the final bill that moves our country forward but that he would also vote against any bill that harms us.