Marjorie Taylor Greene Fires Back at Freedom Caucus


As we reported earlier this week, the House Freedom Caucus voted in June to remove Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-GA. However, the news of her removal only came out yesterday. Rep. Andy Harris, R-MD, who is on the HFC board, said that Greene was removed because of her behavior in the recent spat on the House Floor with Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-CO, a fellow HFC member.

Axios has learned from sources that Greene refused to answer calls made by HFC members, both before and after the election.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) has not responded to calls by top members of the House Freedom Caucus aimed at notifying her that she has been ousted from the influential conservative group, two lawmakers familiar with the situation told Axios.

A member of the HFC board “said that Freedom Caucus chair Scott Perry (R.Pa.) tried unsuccessfully to reach out and talk to the Georgia Republican before and after the vote to remove her was held, to discuss her peers’ grievances about her behavior.”

They continued:

She refused to respond and was unwilling to talk or meet with Chairman Perry. The vote was taken without this conversation.

Greene’s reaction to being ousted is answered. Axios reported Thursday that Greene has not yet commented on the situation directly, but she did make a statement saying that her first priority is to serve “Northwest Georgia” and that Washington was “not a group that she represents.”

The other politician who spoke with Axios portrayed Rep. Greene’s rift with the Freedom Caucus, as a meaningful one. He said that, while her absence from HFC was definite it was “pending a discussion with her.”

The following comment from another member of the board does not sound like friendly banter that will help everyone.

What they are saying: Despite unsuccessful attempts to contact her during the House recess on July 4, the senior HFC Member asserted that no longer will she be able to participate in meetings.

The board member said, “This was not a discussion but a notification.”

Even if the vote was used more as a censure than a way to separate Greene and HFC, it’s still a big deal. We’ll have to wait and see what happens in the coming week.

This is another dilemma. Greene, as many readers know, is not known for holding her feelings and thoughts close to her chest. It’s therefore mysterious that she has remained silent on a topic that is of concern to many people in our movement. I have a hunch that she will either address the removal in a speech or issue a more detailed statement. While I wait, I’d like to send up a few prayers for Rep. Greene.