Mark Ruffalo Comes to AOC’s Defense, but Elon Finishes Them Both off With Reality


We previously reported that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democratic-NY Representative, was furious at Elon Musk’s proposal to charge $8 per month for a blue check. This would increase income without being dependent on advertisers, who would dictate policy.

Musk’s $8 payment was attacked by AOC, who claimed that Musk was trying to sell people the idea that free speech is an $8/mo subscription plan.

She appeared to have difficulty understanding the concept of freedom of speech.

Musk replied with a funny, “Your feedback is appreciated, now pay $8.” Musk also noted that the sweatshirt was $58.

AOC was furious and was accused of hacking her Twitter account. She believed he would not care about her.

This was the cherry on her liberal tears. She leaped straight into conspiracy land, spreading misinformation with no evidence.

Actor Mark Ruffalo spotted her whining and came to her defense even though she was only laughing.

Ruffalo, an actor/activist, then retweeted Ocasio-Cortez, writing: Elon. You can then continue to run SpaceX and Tesla.

You are ruining your credibility. The actor said, “It’s a bad appearance.”

Imagine Ruffalo trying to tell AOC what he should do.

Elon has added some reality to the equation. Hot Take: Not all AOC claims are true.

Game, set, and match, right there.

Ruffalo acknowledged that Musk may be correct. He stated they needed filters to prevent misinformation.

Ruffalo, a liberal, doesn’t see the problem. Musk is able to see the problem.

You can’t control everything anymore and you’re about to lose the election. The tears are just the beginning.