Massachusetts Democrat Resigns Following Backlash for Comments About Abortion and Special Needs Children


After weeks of backlash over his comments about the high cost of special education for children not aborted, Michael Hugo was forced to resign as chair of Framingham Democratic Committee Massachusetts.

Hugo sent an email to the committee, which was obtained by Fox News. Hugo stated that although I have apologized too often, it is obvious that this particular crisis has an unusual life. “Time will reveal why this has become an — literally — international story and why it was amplified by Chair of the Ashland Republican Committee.”

In his Thursday email, he also stated that he had spoken to his wife and Massachusetts State Senate President Karen Spilka (a fellow Democrat) about his decision.

The Framingham City Council had a meeting on February 7th to discuss access to abortion and crisis pregnancy centres in Framingham. Hugo made a statement stating that he was concerned about unborn babies with defects being misdiagnosed, and putting pressure on the city’s schools budget.

Hugo stated at the February 7 meeting that “that becomes a very important issue because our school will have to absorb a child’s special education cost, supplying lots of special services for the children who were born without the defect,”

Spilka, shortly before Hugo’s resignation was announced to the Framingham Source, called for Hugo’s resignation in a public statement. His comments were “egregious” and “totally unacceptable,” she said.

She wrote that she was the long-term legal guardian and sister of a Down Syndrome sister. He should step down because it is in the best interests of the community.

The Framingham Democratic Committee rejected a motion to discuss Hugo’s possible removal at a future meeting. However, they voted unanimously to condemn Hugo’s remarks.

Hugo thanked the members for their vote and said that they “heeded the call to further our commitment towards the common good.” Hugo thanked them for their understanding and empathy.

Hugo was protested by parents outside City Hall, just before a Tuesday night council meeting.

Hugo originally planned to attend but was confused by the date. He said that he couldn’t attend because he was attending a dinner reception with members and senators of Congress.