Maxine Waters Raises Alarm: Claims Trump Is Secretly Training Militias


We have to give it to Donald Trump.

Leftists are like Kwisatz Haderach in Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel “Dune”, except that they claim he can kill a person with just a single word.

Maxine Waters, a Californian Representative, went on MSNBC’s “Sunday Show With Jonathan Capehart” to engage in her usual hysteria that Trump is a dictator and won’t honor the Constitution when he returns to the White House. She did so without any irony.

Rep. Waters referred to the debunked March “bloodbath comment,” when Trump’s comments about auto imports were twisted into Trump calling actual bloodshed in the event he lost the election of 2024. Waters said that she was looking at the Department of Justice and Joe Biden’s handlers to “tell us what they will do to protect our country from violence if he wins.”

She is referring to the Antifa protests that we saw in 2016 when Trump won, or the “insurrection”, which was very suspicious on January 6, following a suspicious victory for Biden. A bunch of grandmothers and normal people (not the weirdos and freaks of Antifa), strolled through the Capitol and likely were set up by federal agents.

Rep. Waters said, “Right-wing groups [Trump] are connected with are training in the hills and targeting which communities they will attack.”

Waters then said that these “right-wing groups” were “planning a Civil War” and Trump was “spelling it out exactly how and what they’re going to do and how he’s going to get revenge and attack his enemies.”

She also said that Trump was racist, because he’s a racist, and she “was worried” about the attacks on people of color.

Are you referring to the same “people of color” that are fleeing Biden’s bad record?

Capehart lets Waters do the talking, even though her words are the same overcooked and half-baked hysteria that we’ve heard other leftists spout since Le Bad Orange Man descended in 2015 to first descend that gold elevator.

Waters’ rant was funny because she implied that Trump secretly trained right-wing death teams in the hills above America. Meanwhile, we see professional agitators funded by Biden’s largest donors whip stupid college students into an antisemitic fervor on school campuses across the country in “support” for Palestine. This translates to support for Hamas.

The whole theater is showing the movie, and the concession stands are selling refreshing cups of leftist tear.

November will be an utterly hysterical month.