Mayor Francis Suarez Explains How Miami Remains Safest Major City in America


Miami Mayor Francis Suarez explained why his city is America’s safest city. Maria Bartiromo, Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, asked him if he had 2024 presidential aspirations.

Suarez said:

“When you look at the Miami miracle in comparison to the Washington nightmare, it is clear that inflation is rampant and everyday goods are more costly because of deficit spending. In Miami, however, our budget is balanced. The largest surplus in history is $145 million. Washington increases taxes while we keep taxes low.”

Suarez said that Miami’s unemployment rate is at a record low of 1.4 percent and that the city has experienced a 12 percent rise in revenue over the past year, which is the second most in recorded history. This kind of leadership should be an example for the rest.

Suarez continued:

“Miami was named the happiest and healthiest American city. It turns out that if people feel healthy, happy, and pay low taxes if their income is stable, they are less likely to commit homicide. This can be extended to other parts of the country but requires political courage”.

Suarez talked about people realizing that socialism does not, will not, and will never work.

“The numbers we are seeing tell a different story. Either more Republicans are moving here or people are changing their mind to be Republicans, because they are fleeing from the socialist model, which, as we all know, has never worked in any country and in any setting”.

“It’s not going work because it pushes people away… New York famously pushed for Amazon HQ and San Francisco famously pushed Elon Musk out.”

Bartiromo asked Suarez about the possibility of a bid for the White House in 2024. He replied:

“It’s far away… I’m excited to be the president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors and to try to convince all mayors in America that the Miami model works. They need to adopt it to create prosperity for their cities.

“If it continues to work and if Miami is successful, then I think there will be tremendous amounts of options for me politically if that’s what I choose to do.”

He said:

“We are doing our due diligence, and I’m doing what I can as mayor to continue to highlight things happening in Miami…which we believe, again, should serve as a model for other parts of the country.”

He also spoke with Tucker Carlson, Fox News host — watch:

Suarez’s formula to success is simple: safety, low taxes, and limited government. He also keeps the economy thriving. Suarez’s success in Miami has made him a possible Presidential candidate. Suarez, 44 years old could run for Governor if DeSantis is resigned. No matter what Suarez does, he will be able to show Floridians that he is a success.

There will be many options for the Vice President, regardless of whether former President Donald Trump chooses to run in 2024. There are plenty of options for Trump if he doesn’t run. These include Governor Ron DeSantis, Mayor Francis Suarez, Governor Glenn Youngkin, and many others in the GOP.