Mayor Lightfoot Proposes Giving Herself an Annual Pay Raise, While Violent Crime is Up 37% in Chicago


Fox News Digital reported that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D), introduced Wednesday an ordinance to allow the office of the mayor to receive an annual inflation increase cap at 5%.

Lightfoot would be allowed to raise her annual salary by up to 5% under the proposed ordinance. However, she can opt out of the increase.

Lightfoot’s current annual salary is $209 915, but this would rise to $216,210 by May 23, 2023.

For the city’s out-of-control crime rates, Chicago Mayor Lightfoot has been repeatedly criticized. Lightfoot was recently criticized for focusing more on posting videos of tone-deaf dancers on social media rather than making Chicago safer for its residents.

Fox News reported that the city saw a 37% increase in violent crime in comparison to 2021.

According to statistics compiled by the Chicago Police Department, motor vehicle thefts have increased by 83% and 60% respectively, while burglary has increased by 21% and robbery has increased by 17%.

The statistics on sexual assaults reported this year are comparable to those last. But, the number of sexual assaults reported in 2021 was 25% higher than in 2020.

According to Chicago Police Department, murders are down 17% over last year.

Multiple corporations have decided to move out of Chicago due to rising crime rates. In the last year, Tyson Foods and United Airlines, Caterpillar, Citadel, and Boeing all announced plans to relocate.

Chris Kempczinski, CEO of McDonald’s, stated in a September speech that the city was in “crisis.”

“We have violent crime in our restaurants… We’re seeing homelessness in our restaurants.” Kempczinski said that there are drug overdoses in restaurants.

Kempczinski stated that there is a general feeling in the city that it is in trouble. The fact is, there are fewer large corporations headquartered in Chicago this year than last year. There are fewer large companies in Chicago this month than there was last month. It’s also more difficult for me now to find a new employee at McDonald’s in Chicago than in the past.

Lightfoot tried to defend her annual raise by explaining that it would be similar to Chicago aldermen.

Lightfoot stated, “To be clear: The ordinance that was introduced today would place the mayor, city treasurer, and clerk in line [aldermen] regarding cost-of-living increases.” It’s not a salary rise.

According to KATV, the mayor makes significantly more than the highest-paid alderman. He will receive a salary of $142,780 next year. The yearly increase in consumer price index pay is already a mandate for aldermen.

“I believe there is a conversation about some of the other citywide elected officers. The Chicago Tribune reported that Lightfoot stated during a recent press conference that the compensation for the mayor has not been modified in almost 20 years. But that’s not what I am focusing on. “I’m focused on making sure we do the work for the people of the city every day.”

Fox News Digital reported that Mayor Lightfoot’s office didn’t immediately respond to a request for comments.