Measles Makes a Comeback in Chicago—Here’s Where


The measles virus is back in Chicago. You won’t believe the places where it has resurfaced.

Shelters that house illegal immigrants.

You’ve probably already guessed this and aren’t at all surprised, are you?

EndWokeness, a Twitter/X user that I respect and admire brought me this not-so-shocking news.

Chicago Sun-Times recently reported that “the City reported 26 cases, 19 of which were in children younger than 5 years old.” The majority of the cases are linked to the Pilsen Migrant Shelter.

It was Monday. There were 31 cases on Wednesday morning. City officials say that illegal aliens living in Pilson are to receive a second dose of measles 28 days after the first.

Chicago has no differences from other cities in the Third World.

In 2000, the CDC declared that measles had ceased to be “circulating” throughout this country. Since 1960, we have gone from 3,000 cases to 13 per 100,000, thanks to a vaccine that is safe and effective.

Although there are still outbreaks of disease, they tend to be in wealthy areas where vaccinations are no longer widely practiced.

Matt Zahn, medical director for Orange County, California, stated that it is a “strange irony of the first world” that more educated and wealthy parents are reducing infant vaccination rates. ”

Tom Lehrer would make jokes about a college friend of his who had gone to medical school, and was a specialist in “diseases affecting the wealthy”. “It’s a very lucrative field, even if you consider that the measles industry is completely self-created.”

Joe Biden has been blamed for the outbreak of measles that is currently occurring in Chicago. Joe Biden is responsible for the current outbreak of measles in Chicago.

Last week, I watched “The Godfather, Part II” with my 18-year-old son. He was amazed by the organized processing of immigrants at Ellis Island in one of the flashbacks to Vito Corleone’s childhood. When ten-year-old Vito was discovered to have smallpox during his health inspection, I had to explain to my son what quarantine was.

Biden made sure that such incidents would not happen again at our busiest borders, but the measles has returned.