Merrick Garland Is Slowly Defining A New Criminal Class, And Soon You’ll Be Part Of It


What are the similarities between Kyle Rittenhouse (“Bike Karen”) and Donald Trump? Nick Sandmann (Mark Houck), Sarah Comrie (the “so-called Bike Karin”), and Daniel Penny (the “Bike Kenny”)?

Conservatives often protest against the double standard. It is easy to understand, as these people did not commit any crimes.

If you complain about “double standards”, or “two levels of justice”, you’re missing the point. You are being excluded by a hierarchy.

Garland and his Bolshevik Revolution 1917 allies have created a new criminal category called “political criminals” to enforce the new hierarchy.

Soviet dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said in Gulag Archipelag (pg. For your curiosity, 505 states that at the start of the USSR, murderers and thieves received child-like treatment. According to the party line they were rehabilitable and allowed to commit crimes as long as they targeted specific people.

The same is not true for those who are considered political criminals, whether directly or indirectly. These people ended up at GULAG. Although this may not be surprising, it is when you consider that the crime of opposing the state could be as simple and as minor as being Christian or having more money than your neighbor.

You should be afraid of this label.

We’ve seen our response to terrorism abroad. Either we lock them up, or we kill them, without due process. Biden, and his cohorts, want you, terrorist political, locked up.

Conservatives are viewed as inferior by leftists. Leftists and their minions are elites (or higher in the social hierarchy) and can do whatever they want. It doesn’t matter how evil or depraved they may be. As long as they serve a cause, they will get support from the party.

Kyle Rittenhouse, regardless of his political beliefs, was wrong for opposing them. He has become an enemy of the state.

Penny had no right to stop Neely’s activities according to Manhattan District attorney Alvin Bragg.

Do you want your children to be sexualized in school and raped by strangers? That makes you a terrorist. It is not your right to protect your children.

Sarah Cowrie did not own the bike, even though she purchased it. The truth doesn’t matter in the world of the Left.

There are endless possibilities.

Liberals continue to give violent criminals a pass while claiming that they are victims. Liberals believe that if they donate a little more money to the system (usually from their political enemies), they will be rehabilitated.

Truthfully, criminals do not get coddled by leftists because they like them. The Soviets called them social allies, and they were coddled for their usefulness. Leftists will consider any criminal who is antisocial, child grooming or murderous as an ally to fight against the system that allows people to prosper.

Another thing: Leftists will not wait long to try and murder you if they jail conservatives right now for “terrorism”.