Metro Atlanta School District Sneakily Includes Gender Propaganda on School-Issued Devices


Parents are working hard to reverse the trend toward radical gender education in schools. However, educators continue to try to conceal the truth from their parents.

Gwinnett County just outside of Atlanta is the latest example. It also houses Dr. Tarece Wilkins, the famous Georgia school board president. He posts TikTok videos that promote division and bizarre racial ideologies.

Gwinnett Schools add gender propaganda to the mix by using “inappropriate Gender Lessons” Chromebooks that are school-issued. These lessons are not available to parents if they log in from another device.

Holly Terei was the Gwinnett County chapter president of No Left Turn in Education. She discovered offensive content on the Chromebook her child received from the school.

No Left Turn in Education claims that the fourth-grade ebook states that gender is not based on any biological or medical factors. This claim is made by No Left Turn in Education. ” It dismissed differences between men and women as societal imagination”.

Terei found that she couldn’t access the content when she logged in to her child’s school account using her laptop. She documented the differences between different login experiences for different devices via a Facebook video.

Terei filmed the video at school in order to demonstrate that she couldn’t access the content despite using WiFi.

We were informed by an IT professional who has more than 20 years of experience that certain content could be restricted to specific MAC addresses. This is the unique identifier of a particular device.

Terei stated that she was eventually able to access her computer’s content in a way that is unusual for most parents.

“Gwinnett County Schools force gender lessons on children, and hide it from parents,” Terei stated in No Left Turn’s statement. ”

Gwinnett County Schools is not available for comment. We will add any comments or responses from the school system to this article.

Parents all over the country should be concerned about Gwinnett County’s radical gender theory propaganda, and as a parent, I know that I am very concerned.