Michigan Democrat Elissa Slotkin Faces Criticism from Fellow Party Member Over Alleged Issues with Minority Hiring Practices


It’s about time Michigan Democrats got into some intra-party conflict to distract from the Michigan Republicans’ troubles over the last year.

Since former Trump ambassador Pete Hoekstra took over the reins, I hope that the Michigan GOP’s alleged Democrat infiltrators have been expelled.

Democrats now have a problem that has been brewing for years.

The Democrats are fond of pointing fingers and accusing others of racism. Here’s a story I found:

A rival of Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI), who is running in the Democratic primary to fill Michigan’s vacant Senate seat, has accused her of playing politics with African American voters.

According to Washington Examiner campaign footage, Hill Harper, an actor of color and longshot Democratic candidate running against Slotkin (backed by the establishment), says she takes for granted the strong voting bloc in Great Lakes State.

Harper said to supporters at an LGBT campaign event this week in Grand Rapids, that Slotkin had engaged in “performative politics” by bolstering her team with a “whole bunch of black people from Detroit”, while her congressional offices employed none.

“How do I know that stuff is so performative in this race? My opponent has sat in Congress for three terms, and you know how many black folks she had on her staff, in total? Total, total, total, total, total, total, total, total? Zero,” Harper said. “But you look at her campaign, and she hired a whole bunch of black folks from Detroit. She got black people on the campaign who are like, ‘Whoa!’ But when you actually hired people for the work you’re doing, did you do that? Absolutely not.”

After such an accusation, I was surprised that Harper did not come out and say that Slotkin was a Republican hiding in plain sight.

After the “I Have a Dream”, speech of the late Martin Luther King Jr., there was a period in America when people hoped their children would one day not be judged on the color of their skin, but rather their character. This dream, as far as I know, died after the historic 1963 speech of Martin Luther King Jr., and after his 1968 murder, the Democrats gave up on it.

Modern-day Democrats are just a bunch of boxes to check off, and usually, race is at the top. The list now includes some gender confusion, with men pretending they are women. It also asks if you can shout enough about Palestine or other such nonsense.

I would like to chalk this up as Harper trying to get attention for Slotkin who is bland and has not accomplished anything during her tenure in office.

The Democrats in Southeastern Michigan are currently a bit irritable with each other because of the Israel-Gaza controversy. This could be used to paint Representative Slotkin as a racist. If this alleged smear campaign succeeds, it may give Democrats pause before they continue to scream racism whenever their ideas are defeated on cable news shows or during debates during election seasons.

You and I know that this is not likely to happen. Joe Biden will give a news briefing, form complete sentences, and provide thoughtful answers. Biden hasn’t been able to do this since his first Senate term back in the 1970s. I won’t hold my breath.

But now that a racist accusation has been made against the Democrats of Michigan, I will have to look into this more closely to see if it has any merit.

This will be a refreshing change from Michigan Republicans slamming each other.