Migrant at U.S.-Mexico Border Sports Biden-Harris Shirt, Claims Ignorance About Them


Honduran makes joke on U.S. border with Mexico after asking about Biden and Harris

Migrant wearing Biden shirt at the border “so that they can let me through”

Outnumbered reacts to a Honduran immigrant at the border wearing a T-shirt saying, “Biden, please let us in!”

A Honduran at the U.S.Mexico border crossing in Eagle Pass, Texas wore a shirt from the 2020 presidential campaign of President Biden.

When asked where he got the shirt, the man didn’t seem to know what the phrase “Biden-Harris 2020” meant. He instead asked who these people were.

The man who was in a group that included women and children came up with a story when he was told they were the vice president and president.

“Ahhhh. “Then I’m wearing it so they can let you in,” the man replied, before laughing. Other people around him laughed with him. The barbed wire separated the two groups, and what looked like the Rio Grande was behind the migrants.

On September 30, 2023, in Eagle Pass, Texas, asylum seekers will cross the Rio Grande River from Mexico to the United States.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection sources reported early Monday that the number of migrant encounters in the past three days had exceeded 21,000

Sources said that the 7,000 migrants encountered on Sunday were similar to those seen on Friday and Saturday.

A National Guard soldier at Shelby Park, Eagle Pass, Texas, on January 12, 2024.

Sources say that the Tucson sector, in Arizona, was the busiest sector from Friday to Sunday, with over 5,400 encounters. The San Diego sector, in California, was second with more than 3,600 encounters.

The increase in Arizona and California appears to indicate that the illegal crossing traffic has shifted away from Texas. In Texas, the Rio Grande Valley near Brownsville, and the Del Rio near Eagle Pass sectors saw the least encounters. They averaged 300 to 350 per day since Friday.

A Honduran man is asked where he bought his Biden-Harris 2020 shirt.

The Texas National Guard took control of Shelby Park, in Eagle Pass last month and prevented Border Patrol from entering. This was part of Gov. Greg Abbott’s trying to stem the tide of illegal immigration in Texas.