Mike Pence Met With Crickets, Then Boos At NRA Convention


C-SPAN video showed that former Vice President Mike Pence received boos as he entered the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action Leadership Forum on Friday.

Vivek RAMASWAMY, South Carolina Governor, was among the GOP presidential candidates who were scheduled to speak at this forum in Indianapolis, Indiana. Nikki Haley is a former Arkansas governor. According to the website for the event, Asa Hutchinson was also present along with former President Donald Trump. Video shows that the audience was initially quiet, but began to boo after Pence’s introduction.

As the crowd quieted, one attendee shouted: “We love you Mike!” Pence replied, “I love you too.”

Pence, in his speech, mentioned the recent shootings at Covenant School, Nashville, Tennessee that left three children and adults dead, and a shooting that occurred at a Louisville, Kentucky bank that resulted in four deaths. He called Democrat calls for gun control as “tired arguments”, and reiterated that “we do not need gun control. We need crime control.”

He said: “We don’t want to hear lectures about the rights of law-abiding people, but we do need solutions that will protect our children.”

Pence has called for the placement of “armed resource officers” in both public and private school and for a federal death penalty statute that would have an “accelerated appeal so as to ensure those who commit mass shootings face execution within months, and not years.”

According to the website, “the forum is one of the most popular and politically significant events in the nation, featuring the top Second Amendment leaders from government, media and entertainment.” Other speakers included NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre and Republican Indiana Gov. Jim Jordan, Republican Ohio Rep. Eric Holcomb and Republican South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem were also on the speaker list. Kristi Noem is the Republican governor of New Hampshire. Chris Sununu, Republican Indiana Senator Mike Braun and Republican Indiana Gov. Kristi Noem.

Haley and Republican Florida Gov. According to the website, Ron DeSantis, Republican South Carolina Senator Tim Scott and Republican Florida Gov.