Missouri Attorney General Sues School Board Over Critical Race Theory


Missouri Attorney-General Eric Schmitt filed a lawsuit against Springfield Public Schools after they refused to release their Critical Race Theory curriculum and demanded exorbitant fees over it. SPS is accused publicly of admitting that they are teaching teachers and staff on CRT and other social justice curriculums.

One display compares “overt,” white supremacy to “covert,” white supremacy. The staff are taught colorblindness, how to treat children of color like adults, tone policing, and reverse racism.

A display called “Understanding White Supremacy” also exists that continues to cite “Make America Great Again,” the police killing POC numbers and denying racism.

Schmitt’s suit against SPS appears to be for parents who attempted to access CRT materials through SPS but were stopped by the school board. According to the lawsuit, Schmitt’s offices filed for materials, and the school district sent an invoice for an initial $37K deposit.

Schmitt posted a tweet claiming that any attempt to indoctrinate children using the divisive lens of CRT at Springfield Public Schools had been caught red-handed. 

Missouri’s AG pointed to other examples of Critical Race Theory training in the thread. These included allegedly racist statements such as “people are just humans and I don’t see color” and “America is where there is opportunity.”

Schmitt stated that parents have the right of knowing what their children are learning in a press release. This is especially true when public schools use critical race theory and antiracism in teacher training and apply social justice scorecards to math.

He claimed that Springfield Public Schools had not made efforts to provide answers to parents who sent their children there. He stated that he was now suing Springfield Public Schools for the public records and will continue to fight for parents’ rights to know what schools are teaching them.

This case is the State of Missouri vs the School District of Springfield in the Circuit Court of Greene County.